"Sense8" can return with the third season at Netflix Society


After Netflix was canceled without warning Sense8 After two seasons and the frustration of his fans, the sisters Wachowsky and the streaming platform decided to make a film that aired on June 8 to end this series.

However, there are still many mysteries to be solved, and this was stated by one of the producers, Lana, in a Netflix video about making maybe the third season If you visit Sense8 in December.

"Say that Netflix is ​​a unpredictable company, they really care about the artists who work with them, the series they make and perhaps most importantly, they listen to their customers, proving again and again that they are not just companies that are managed by algorithms, "he said.

Very attentive, fans Sense8, because during this month I can give unexpected -And very expected- surprise.


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