"Selfie doll": Misuse of cellphones that can have serious consequences – Health and well-being


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Cases of fractures and trauma were reported to patients, after trying to take photographs.

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that "selfie" They have become part of our routine, but no one will think that this simple action can have important consequences on health. This was demonstrated by a group of doctors, who through investigation discovered phenomena "selfie doll" it can reach causing severe trauma and fractures in the extremities.

This research was conducted by a group of specialists from Department of Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery, Galway University Hospital, in Ireland and published in the Irish Medical Journal.

Products from many cases with the same symptoms, doctors began to notice that they were patients come with damage to their limbs, including fractures. All cases showed people who had an accident with a fracture of the radius of the disc, after experiencing it Take photos using a smartphone.

They report four cases in the study, including a 13-year-old girl who tried take a selfie while jumping on a trampoline and a 17 year old girl who is He fell while trying to take a photo up the stairs.


According to experts, this phenomenon is similar to what has happened in the past few decades broken bones with trampolines and computer games. This is why they recommend the application of education on this issue and provide special care to reduce the risk of injury.



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