Seismic predictions of Vanessa Daroch


that Earthquakes that affect, especially, the Coquimbo Region, is the subject of analysis by different experts. From Marcelo Lagos to Juan Andrés Salfate has commented on the telluric 6.7 television movement on the Ritcher scale that rocked the northern central region of Chile.

Of course, the one who predicted the earthquake was Tarotista Vanessa Daroch, who was on her way Let's continue with Largo Channel 13. Even though the interview was broadcast last night, the program was recorded last Friday.

Daroch and Latife Soto mentioned above participated in night owls on angel channels before. After a long discussion, "creativity" conveyed their predictions for 2019. "Will there be an earthquake in Chile?", asking, directly, Marcelo Comparini.

"I'm a little nervous about this month that we've experienced lately, it's a little uncomfortable for me. I've been all week and nervous. I said, really if something doesn't happen after this month, we're saved," Soto said.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Daroch issued her letters and conveyed her predictions: "Or someone will need a lot of money for reconstruction or a lot of help in economic matters. The Ace of the sword is tears, unfortunately. That makes me understand that something can come. 7 glasses show that maybe it is a strong earthquake, but not destructive. Good shake, you have to rebuild something, but I don't see it so tragic. But what's next, I know it will come ".

The record was left by a strong earthquake


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