Tuesday , November 12 2019
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Sebastián Moreno is the new president of ANFP

The scenario is confirmed at ANFP: Sebastián Moreno is the new organic president, for the next four years.

Opposition candidates, and members of the current Arturo Salah panel, won elections Jorge Uauy, in unexpected closed elections reached the fourth round and it was determined by 25-21.

Everything arose after the onslaught that had coxswain from Arab images, but could not ratify in the second and third rounds, which were won by 24-22, but without getting a majority vote that required 25 votes.

Moreno, in this way, will carry out its functions on January 7.

Outside Mayne Nicholls

The first round of elections determined that Jorge Uauy and Sebastián Moreno determine the next president of the organization in the second round.

After voting, the first round shows 18 votes for Sebastián Moreno, 18 for Jorge Uauy and only 12 for Harold Mayne-Nicholls.

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