Saturday , October 23 2021



A looking for worry He made a group of scientists in the eastern part of Antarctica, where they found a A mysterious heat source under the ice sheet, and that will speed up disbursement in that place.

The investigation was carried out with radar which managed to penetrate about three kilometers of ice from an aircraft, to map terrain conditions. However, among the findings was a strange emanation from high temperatures.

Even though they did not know what this mysterious heat source was, the scientists assured it which can lead to faster mergers in the future (when a substance changes from solid to liquid).

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Main investigator, Tom Jordan, from the British Antarctic Survey, told Science Alert that "a fusion process that we might observe has been done for thousands or even millions of years and does not directly contribute to change from the ice sheet. "

"However, in the future, additional water can make this region more sensitive to external factors like climate change, "Jordan explained.

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