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Schools with the best scores in PSU 2018: only two are cities and none are subsidized National

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The results of the 2018 PSU were announced publicly on Wednesday morning, December 26.

On this line, this Thursday, the Chancellor delivered average results per school, information approved by La Tercera.

Among the top 50 there are only two cities, the rest is privately owned. There are no subsidized companies in this category.

The first place was recovered by Cambridge College (private) from Providencia, with an average of 707.5 points. However, in 2017, an average of 6.8 points is higher than this process.

Meanwhile, the second was for Francisco Encina School (private) from ñuñoa, with an average of 694.7 points.

In third place is Augusto D & # 39; Halmar (city) Ñuñoa, with an average of 690.1 points.

The first ten places were completed by the schools of The Grange (Queen), Constitution (Constitution), Alba International (Maipú), Tabancura (Vitacura), Akros (rosuñoa), Alborada (Linares) and Cordillera (Las Condes).

Above, only the Constitution and Alborada originated from the region. Both are Maule, specifically.

Between places 11 and 50, 18 regions are located outside Santiago and 21 operate in the Metropolitan area. Their results start at 681.2 and end at an average of 655.4 points.

Cambridge College CollegeProvidence707.5Private Paid
Francisco Encina SchoolÑuñoa694.7Private Paid
Liceo Augusto D & # 39; HalmarÑuñoa690.1Municipality
Grange SchoolThe Queen688.8Private Paid
Constitution CollegeConstitution688.6Private Paid
Alba International SchoolMaipú686.1Private Paid
Tabancura SchoolVitacura683.4Private Paid
Akros SchoolÑuñoa682.4Private Paid
Alborada SchoolLinares681.4Private Paid
Cordillera SchoolLas Condes681.3Private Paid
Mount Tabor and Nazareth CollegeLo Barnechea681.2Private Paid
Pinares SchoolChiguayante680.5Private Paid
Hebrew InstituteLo Barnechea680.3Private Paid
Montemar SchoolConcon676.9Private Paid
Itahue SchoolChiguayante675.8Private Paid
Andrée English SchoolThe Queen675.7Private Paid
SSCC from ApoquindoLas Condes674.6Private Paid
German Conception SchoolSan Pedro de la Paz674.3Private Paid
Arauco SchoolArauco672.0Private Paid
Huelén SchoolVitacura671.9Private Paid
Kent School of SchoolProvidence671.9Private Paid
Villa Maria AcademyLas Condes669.3Private Paid
Saint Ursula SchoolVitacura669.2Private Paid
German Institute of Puerto MonttPuerto Montt669.1Private Paid
La Girouette SchoolLas Condes668.5Private Paid
Saint JohnRancagua668.5Private Paid
Windsor SchoolValdivia668.2Private Paid
La Cruz SchoolMachali667.8Private Paid
San Isidro SchoolBuin667.5Private Paid
Charles de GaulleConception667.1Private Paid
Divine Word CollegeLas Condes666.3Private Paid
Cruz del Sur SchoolPunta Arenas666Private Paid
American schoolPuerto Montt664.6Private Paid
Everest SchoolLo Barnechea663Private Paid
Cumbres SchoolLas Condes662.8Private Paid
San Ignacio El Bosque SchoolProvidence662.2Private Paid
Trebulco SchoolTalagante662.1Private Paid
San Benito SchoolVitacura661.7Private Paid
Saint Gaspar CollegeÑuñoa661.2Private Paid
Saint George CollegeVitacura661.2Private Paid
Los Alerces SchoolLo Barnechea660.9Private Paid
Swiss SchoolÑuñoa659.5Private Paid
Rancagua English Language InstituteRancagua657.8Private Paid
Puerto Varas SchoolPuerto Varas657.5Private Paid
Southern Cross SchoolLas Condes656.5Private Paid
Wenlock SchoolLas Condes656Private Paid
SEK Chile International SchoolLas Condes655.8Private Paid
French AllianceCuricó655.7Private Paid
Liceo Bicentenario de TemucoTemuco655.4Municipality
Amalia Errázuriz SchoolOvalle655.4Private Paid

* Source Table: Third

City school

After Augusto D & Halmar were discovered Bicentennial secondary schools in Temuco and San Pedro de Puente Alto, each with 655.4 and 653.9 points.

In fourth place, the National Institute was relegated, located in Santiago Centro, with 647.1 points.

The first ten places in this category were completed by Carmela Carvajal de Prat de Providencia (616.9), Syria ñuñoa (616.6), Nacional de Maipú (611.7), Bicentenario de Coronel (611) and Bicentenario de Niñas de Maipú (608.9). )

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