Samsung launches the first flexible panel phone | Extra


Samsung gives a sense of a future folding device that will integrate for the first time Amoled panels are fully flexible, said the baptized panel as & # 39; Infinity Flex Display & # 39;

This announcement was made on Wednesday at the opening of the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC 2018), in San Francisco, California (USA), where they had to turn off the auditorium lights to avoid the detailed design of the device that was visible, which was also hidden inside the casing.

Samsung explained that the device was not ready and what was shown was only a prototype, but will be sold in 2019.

It will have two screens, one outside to be used like other smartphones, and one inside, with the ability to display tablet functions.

This flexible panel will have a new user interface, which will allow window adjustments for up to three simultaneous applications in various sizes and screen spaces, so that it has an optimization that will adapt to the tastes of the user. The panel will measure 7.3 inches, but it is not specified below what resolution. The manufacturing consists of folding panel technology developed by the company, which has a new protective layer with polymers that allows it to be flexible and resistant at the same time.


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