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Sampaoli does an unknown thing to Valdivia "Magician"

Jorge Valdivia, it seems, will fulfill the rest of his contract at Colo Colo. Apart from the constant information that made him close to Santos from Brazil, "10" received bad news from the mouth of coach Jorge Sampaoli.

"They are friends and that is very important in terms of future transfers", said a few days ago Santista president José Carlos Peres, to leave really opened the possibility of seeing "Witches" back in the samba country.

And it is precisely this friendship that once again strengthens the bond between the soccer player and the coach who returns it to La Roja. Confidence motivates Valdivia herself to ensure certainty that she can place her in a new home, in her long career of more than 16 years in professionalism.

According to confirmed to the Fourth of Brazil, Valdivia made contact with the original Casilda bald, in Argentina, and asked him if there really was an interest in having their services on "O Peixe".

The reason

In that conversation the former Albiceleste coach explained the scope of the new project that tied him to the Paulista Championship.

He also explained to Colo Colo players that, as they had said before, the Santos leaders were fully valid players for demanding tournaments, but even so, there was a risk to continue strengthening for 35 years. back to the country five times world champion.

In the same way, "Don Sampa" also explained that the port team's finances were not the best. Even the fact that Libertadores doesn't play in 2019 further complicates the budget to pay for the services of a player who at Colo Colo charges 1.2 million dollars a year.

But the DT was not entirely clear in the answers and in the same communication he warned that it was not the final decision on the matter.


In the near term, "Witch" has another year contract with the team directed by Mario Salas today. And even though in opinion clubs divided by their continuity, the talented have not said openly that he wants to leave now, even if it is for the low.

The fact that "saving" such a high salary – the highest in Chilean football – gives the detractors an argument to see it far from Monumental. Players are also uncomfortable and waiting for news from Brazil to make a decision.

And even though Santos is not the only one on the list, other teams can put forward the same reasons as Sampaoli. That remains to be seen.

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