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Russia announced the Soviet Union's plan to travel to the planets of the Solar System

In 1961, the Soviet Union considered the possibility of flying, even manned, to all the Solar System planets, including Pluto (which was then considered a planet).

This data comes from files relating to the construction of terrestrial communication antennas and is now published by the Russian company Rossiyskiye Kosmícheskiye Sistemy, which is part of the Russian space agency Roscosmos.

In a document dated 28 September 1961For example, it was stated that the space communication center system in Eupatoria, on the Crimean peninsula, began operations in 1960 and was coded as & # 39; Pluto & # 39; fully guaranteed, with minor modifications, all work was determined for two or three years , like flights to the Moon with or without people [a bordo] and automatic interplanetary station flights [AMS, según sus siglas en ruso] to Venus and Mars to photograph the surface or land. "

The most powerful antenna in the world

At the same time, the program's authors point out that "the development of the space center in Eupatoria will enable two-way radio communication with AMS in the entire Solar System and will provide telephone and phototelegraphic communication with the crew of a spaceship in a billion kilometers. "

Roscosmos's agency commented that this center was effectively modernized in 1962 and provided communication with everyone Soviet automatic interplanetary station. The ADU-1000 antenna was the strongest in the world until 1966 and the USSR until 1979, when a new RT-70 antenna, 70 meters in diameter, was installed in the Eupatoria.

The Pluto project participated in the Soviet space victory at that time. Thanks to this, it is possible to do radar mapping from the surface Mars, Mercury and Venus and completed many goals planned by its creator in 1961.

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