Romero's lies or myths about migrant guilt in the HIV / AIDS pandemic


In rearming nationalist and authoritarian discourses, it is not unusual for them to grow – in large part through the irresponsible and deliberate dissemination of hate speech against migrants. One of these days is the non-signing of the Pact for Safe, Ordered, and Regular Migration (full of myths and misrepresentation of the literal words of the same text), as well as connecting the emergence of various diseases or infections with the arrival of most notary from this migrant population last time to our country. One thing is reinforced by Leonidas Romero's irresponsible statement, RN and evangelical representatives.

It is also important to emphasize that the phenomenon of migration is a global one: before the humanitarian crisis in various countries, which came from extractive economic models, from misery, with government corruption and the interests of large forces in war as a mechanism to achieve their political and economic interests , freedom of outpatient care as human rights into flesh and different groups of people, driven by absolute needs, leaving their country, their homes and families to seek new life opportunities. There is a strange feeling that Chile is, in some ways, their sole purpose: reviews are only a little more detailed to realize that the phenomenon of migration is global, and in Latin America he lives in various countries (Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay) and will keep it that way.

In this way, the premise that calls us now sounds strange: There is a discourse without all the truth that assimilates the increase in the level of notification of people living with HIV in Chile in connection with the arrival of immigrants there.

"Our country currently has one of the highest rates of AIDS patients. Migrants who have arrived, the majority, come with their disease," said the deputy. It is not only confusing HIV with AIDS (while the first is a virus and the second is the immunosuppression of people living with HIV, where although one is a consequence of another, it is possible that the latter is never achieved if you have the right treatment that minimizes the presence viruses in the body), but in terms of content showing absolute absurdity: if nearly 800 thousand migrants live in Chile, around 75,000 people in the country live with HIV, it is clearly not possible that the "majority" comes with this infection.

Let's go to concrete data. According to the Ministry of Health, between 2010 and 2017 there were 32,677 notified between the private and public systems, and 21,284 in the latter. Here, 1,866 are foreigners. That is, they represent 8.76% of the total cases. Maybe, in the personal system the total number and percentage associated must be even lower.

On the other hand, from the information requested through Passive Transparency by students from the Gender and Sexual Diversity group of the University of Chile's Public Interest Clinic, in 2015 there were a total of 24,039 people who controlled the HIV / AIDS program. from the public health system. Of these, 606 were foreigners: they represented 2.5% of the total. In 2016, there was a slight increase, where the total number of people corresponded to 26,213, and foreigners became 4.1%. In turn, in areas such as III, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX and XII there were no foreigners, until that date, in them.

It is true that the last three years the number of notifications to people living with HIV has experienced an alarming increase in numbers, with the percentage associated with the migrant population in Chile also increasing. However, this is due to two main reasons: first, migrants who try to be here are precisely because of problems in their home countries with their treatment (where Chile is far from the only destination, of course), and pandemic visibility that causes more many people take the test, including those who are not citizens. Smaller numbers correspond to foreigners, that is, people only pass through the country. This is, of course, even without addressing the underlying problem: the vulnerability of life on behalf of this population through conditions of overcrowding and poverty, largely due to the shameless exploitation of those who exploit the despair of their need to get cheap labor.

Now, the very worrying thing is that there are around 25,000 people living with HIV in Chile who were not told about it. This has no relationship with foreigners, because this is not something that has been typical in recent years, but at least the last 8 (where in 2010, for example, only 41 notifications for migrants living with HIV). Thus – and in the most optimistic projections – 1 in every 230 people in Chile is living with HIV at this time.

Beyond the irrefutable data, there is something that – at obvious risk – seems to need to be made explicit again: no one will transmit HIV if they use condoms. That is, even though in a hypothetical case that there is something like a "migrant factor" with the explosive increase of HIV / AIDS in Chile, the permanent responsibility of the population lacking sex education: the responsibility of the State, its authorities and the government. conservative pressure from many churches. So, for example, Alejandro Afani, an immunologist and director of the HIV Center of the Chile Clinical Hospital, showed that in a survey conducted by this center for more than 3 thousand young people, data was obtained less than 20% of those who consult use condoms. Likewise, 60% of people admit that they have never taken an exam. Is that clear?

But not all about numbers, we must go further and visualize political reasons, precisely, political representation. There are two basic ways to react to Romero's shameful statement, which, whether we want to see it or not, represents a good part of the population: with ridicule or sarcasm that represents the ignorance of their speech, or with the seriousness that represents the end. Now, beyond whether or not there is information about the subject (which has made it unable to be displayed), it is most likely not the cause: we are talking about conscious discourse and calculated from the dominant class expressed through your different media devices. Representation of fear leads to the need for security, security from the emergence of repressive and authoritarian models. And there is a regulated campaign (a reinforced situation, of course, from the weaknesses of the left to provide stories and answers to the working class) to produce that, which is added to a crisis of particular meaning is the seed of the oppression process. and totalitarian. Identifying migrants as enemies (a better example than the idea of ​​"migrants taking jobs", but not "employers throw Chile for contracts in conditions of misery to others") and harvesting monsters that do not exist ("gender" ideologies, conspiracy theories, etc. .) instill fear that, to be precise, appoint figures such as Trump and Bolsonaro, and we already know who or who will benefit from it in our country.

HIV / AIDS is a problem that must be overcome by the State and society, with the importance of understanding health as a right, and public health as an object that must be protected. The Romero Declaration, opportunistic, irresponsible and especially dishonest, does not only contradict their false testimony about the design of their own religion, but they are incentives to deepen a serious pandemic that today affects our country, as well as the rejection and stigma of migrant populations. From the distorting and wrong forms of HIV / AIDS transmission or problems as one of the "homo" (which is still held by the population sectors), we turn to populist and dangerous "it is the migrant's fault". Because words change, but the motives are maintained: it is always better to see other responsibilities, never in one / ourselves. And, by the way, it's even better if it gives us political income. Isn't that right, Mr. Romero?


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