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Roger Waters returned to Bogotá on our tour + them – music and books – culture

The previous verse, which included the song & # 39; The Last Refugee & # 39 ;, by Roger Waters, and who seemed to remember the painful scene of little Syrian Kurdish, drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, would be heard at his concert in Bogota chained with his songs other. new, & # 39; Picture That & # 39 ;, which follows the chorus repetition that says: "No damn brain, no damn brain."

Visualize this, as seen in the previous concert of your current tour: simultaneously, in the background you will see a picture of Donald Trump being projected.

British artist Roger Waters, 75, is not hesitant to be identified as a follower of political behavior. Your audience is clear that you are on the side, that you are willing to say everything you think and, even more so, and that you don't have hair on your tongue.

& # 39; We + They & # 39; is the name of the current tour of former Pink Floyd players worldwide, which brought him back to Bogotá, 11 years after an unforgettable concert in the Simon Bolívar park which is in the memory of music lovers – especially the classic rock keepers & # 39; this, as said columnist Juan Esteban Constain – always chooses the best he has ever seen in this country.

The subtle adaptation of the title 'Us and Them & # 39 ;, from the original song by Pink Floyd in 1974 might say a lot: one thing is "us and them" and the other, "we are plus them". Adding sound in a time marked by collective anger can be a way to real change.

Therefore the provocation by Roger Waters directly on his last album in studio, in 2017, is titled & # 39; Is This the Life We Really Want? & # 39; And from there some songs will be heard.

A message applies throughout the concept & # 39; Us + Them: "reject". This would read "rejecting" clothes, posters, billboards and on the side of an inflatable flying pig that months ago announced Waters' visit to Bogota, at the Heroes monument, north of the city.

Collection of criticism

Waters tour is equipped with all its political content.

In Brazil he turned on the alarm when talking about & # 39; neo-fascism & # 39; and point to Jair Bolsonaro: "I know this is none of my business, except that I oppose the rise of fascism throughout the world, and because I am a person who believes in human rights, which includes my right to protest peacefully, I prefer not to live under someone's rules. who believe that military dictatorships are a good thing, "he said in full concert, according to the British newspaper The Guardian.

Then, he projects the name Bolsonaro on the screen, along with Trump, Marine Le Pen and Viktor Orbán, and the message: "Neofascism is increasing."

A few days before the concert, Waters gave an interview to singer Caetano Veloso, in a video that revolved around the memories of dictatorships in Brazil, so the atmosphere was warm.

In & # 39; events & # 39; in Argentina, the message for legal abortion, with green handkerchiefs, was highlighted. and said (in English): "You know what this is and why I put it on my neck: I support the right of women to break their bodies (…) So we hope to reverse this ridiculous law that criminalizes women from this country."

Many wonder, then, what will be said in Colombia?

Travel to Pink Floyd

Who is the fan of Pink Floyd can go to 200 Roger Waters concerts and see them all really different. However, it's not a secret, Mostly, the Wednesday repertoire of concerts is similar to the one he gave in 2007. On that occasion, Waters was delivered – in sound format in 7.1 style, such as in theaters, in sound engineering artwork – the classic version of the band's main album, but was dedicated to a special part to play "Dark Side of the Moon" in the original order.

-If you choose not to know the Waters songs that will be played in Bogotá, you should stop reading at this time-.

For the upcoming concert, what has been reflected in the list published on the internet about what he has done in recent concerts in South America (Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru), the main novelty is that it will include songs from the albums & # 39; Animals & # 39; -In fact, flying pigs are icons of the album. Maybe, one of & # 39; The Final Cut & # 39 ;, which sings in Uruguay. The rest will hand over Pink Floyd hymns.

From his solo repertoire, which has been constant since 1984, the only thing he seems to include is six songs from & # 39; Is This the Life We Really Want? & # 39 ;, That is, there won't be anything from Radio & # 39; KAOS & # 39; Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking & # 39;, & # 39; Amused to Death & # 39; or & # 39; Ça Ira & # 39 ;.

For some previous dates, Waters has decided to do a local anthem: in Argentina he sang 'La memoria', by León Gieco, and in Chile, 'El derecho de vivir en paz & # 39 ;, by Víctor Jara … Is it possible for him to do the same in Colombia?

Where and when

El Campín Stadium, next Thursday, November 21. The latest tickets are available at (99,000 to 1,000,000 pesos.

Minimum age of entry: on a bench, 6 years; in court, 18.


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