Saturday , June 19 2021

RN “pololea” Andrea Molina as Candidate for Mayor of Viña del Mar: “Not Resolved” | National

Francisco Chahuán and Andrea Molina | pers conference


The important meeting between senators and RN Regional President, Francisco Chahuán, deputy Andrés Celis, Raúl Celis and candidates for chairman of the city park city, serves to close positions and determine the schedule of commitments, if they have the full support of ChileVamos.

“The problem has not been resolved, but important steps have been taken”With these words, Senator and Regional President for National Remodeling, Francisco Chahuán, described the appointments made in the last hours by the RN representative with his former deputy, Andrea Molina, who has expressed interest in becoming a candidate for mayor of Chile Vamos for Viña del Mar.

Together with the district representative, Andrés Celis, and his brother Raúl Celis, who was one of the party letters to the mayor’s seat, they had a meeting for about two hours where they analyzed the scenario in the garden city, but most importantly, they uncovered the viewpoints and requirements for RN support finally.

“It’s basically moving forward. The problem has not been resolved, because it must be resolved by the respective RN DPRD, but today we have made a first step. We have debated and requested the development of plans and programs for Viña del Mar, capable of being responsible for improving the quality of life in a city park, urgency in housing, health infrastructure, improved access, and thinking. cities for the next 20 or 30 years ”, Chahuán explains.

The senator added that one of the conditions set by RN was to finally support Andrea Molina, is that the former deputy stated bluntly and openly that he would be a representative of all ChileVamos and not of any particular party in the coalition.

Chahuán reiterated that a single candidacy must somehow overcome all internal party instances, the first step being the district council which met in an extraordinary manner this Saturday afternoon and where it was agreed to support the candidacy.

Francisco Chahuán and Andrea Molina
Francisco Chahuán and Andrea Molina | pers conference

Hurry to complete the governor’s nomination

Chahuán also referred to the issue of the nominations for Regional Governors, which are on a completely different path and must be resolved next week in the extraordinary RN Regional Council.

“We will have a meeting at the Regional Council, later we will discuss the matter of the Governor. I have met with Manuel Millones to analyze this matter, as well as with other possible candidates. We hope this problem can be resolved next week, “said the Regional President RN.

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