Ripley joins trends and announces new payment systems


Ripley joins the trends of other institutions in the country and implements a new payment system, called Ripley Express, that makes transactions faster and saves time when paying.

Ripley Express is a physical purchasing service to pay via mobile devices, in the same store but avoids customers who make long lines. Payment is made in no more than 45 seconds. The purchase process consists of the fact that through the cards of all payment systems (cards or cash), customers can make purchases directly with sellers identified in the store, who carry mobile devices to register products and carry out transactions.

Payment systems have been implemented so far at Ripley Mall Plaza Egaña, Plaza Vespucio Mall, Mall del Trebol, Portal Temuco and Mall Plaza Norte, Costanera Center, among others. More than 10% of transactions are made through this device, reaching 20% ​​during rush hour.

And this is not the only company that innovates in the payment system this year. In mid-2018 Banco BCI launched MACH, an application that allows you to use your money, but through your mobile. In mid-November, Falabella sealed an alliance with Google, so users can make payments with their smartphones, for this they must subscribe to their CMR card to Google Pay. Banco Santander also launched an application that allows customers to pay at the store.



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