Report a new scam through Netflix



You must be careful when opening a Netflix email. The company works normally as well as its communication system with users, but the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for its acronym in English launches a warning where it speaks Large epidemic of data theft attempts bank through fake messages sent by the platform.

This is the email that the user receives with a message asking to update their data, including the payment method. The design of the letter is so good that they imitate it perfectly Netflix communication with your customers; However, those who had fallen into the trap sent them Bank account for criminals who cheat on internet users.

Many made this e-mail because the design was perfect: they copied Netflix's communication with their customers. However, users who fall into the trap and access the web to update data, actually send their bank accounts to criminals.

This is not the first time the FTC has warned about this kind of fraud with Netflix. Even they are becoming more and more repetitive and it's only a matter of time before the Spanish version of the same fake e-mail appears.

To ensure that no one accesses Netflix without your permission, You can use a platform tool that offers complete information regarding the activities that have been carried out in your account.

Through the "Latest streaming device activity" option you can access data related to date, time, IP and even the types of devices that have been connected to your user account.

If you detect suspicious activity, exit all active devices and reset your password from the Netflix website. Also, send suspicious data or emails to [email protected]

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