Reminded by posters "lying" in the shop


Deputy Jorge Duran warned the public about the existence of signs of "lying" or illegal, which are many shopping centers and which hinder the exchange of gifts.

After Christmas, shopping centers are filled with customers who request changes or returns on their products. Many times consumers face problems when making changes. The situation that Duran intends to reverse, by requiring users to have their rights under legal guarantees.

"With or without a change ticket, voting is a means of implementing 3 months of legal guarantees, on defective products or that it does not fulfill what was promised. The law stipulates a 3-month legal guarantee that includes three options: changes, repairs or returns paid on consumer choice, "said the representative.

For this, consumers can go directly to companies that sell products to them by presenting bills, invoices or other means that prove the purchase. "Posters or stamps on ballots where they show that they do not respond to illegal changes or refunds," such as:

"After being tested, no changes are allowed".

"Changes are made on xx days between 3 and 5"

"This product has no change"

"For changes, open the address …"

So the deputy said that "the company must deal with changes in the same place where you buy and with the same schedule."

As for Outlets, this is governed by the same law. The company cannot argue that the product has been made. This must require the manufacturer or only operate with one of three possibilities; change, repair or return what has been paid.

Let us not forget that consumer rights are determined by Law No. 19,496 concerning the protection of consumer rights. That in December 2011, Sernac's strength in financial matters was extended with Law No. 20,555 and that since September 2018, with Law No. 21,081, Sernac has increased its operations.


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