Raquel Argandoña calls Michelle Adam: Shut up, you & # 39; on a rope


On this Friday morning, Raquel Argandoña surprised by words about meteorologists Michelle Adam in a tense moment in front of his friends.

It all starts when there is a romance that is supposed to be from Argandoña, which turns out to be a joke of the Guilty People Day. While "Quintrala" said that the problems were not discussed in the program, he also stated that he is recommended to "try" with younger men.

"And because you obey …"Adam told him, which Argandoña replied firmly: "Voh is still silent, it's walking on a rope, with all due respect".

"Yesterday they said there might be a wedding, and Michelle came.", The word Argandoña, is being replicated by meteorologists "How can I say that, if they don't tell me anything?"

"But they gave you the ring, the second ring they gave you, they must be waiting for the third one", sentenced to Argandoña.


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