Rafael Nadal raised his voice and defended the new Davis Cup: "They must stop calling it Piqué Davis"


Puritans who love tennis are grieving. One hundred years Davis Cup This will not be normal, because since 2019 the format has changed and will be played for a week. The new version of the tournament is made by the group Cosmos, chaired by Spanish soccer players Gerard Piqué

Many words that oppose him have accepted the new Davis, who now receives support from someone who weighs: Rafael Nadal. The world number 2 agreed to the format and even said that he was thinking of fighting for the championship to be played at the end of 2019.

"You must stop calling that & # 39; Davis de Piqué & # 39; because it doesn't help competition. I have a good relationship with him, every time we talk we have done it in a mild way. I have contributed a little, my opinion about what can be improved. This is the Davis Cup from the ITF. We must thank Piqué and his group (the Cosmos) for betting on our sport. All changes are difficult. Many are missing and others are won, "he said on a Spanish television program.

Winner Davis on four occasions added that: "I am a supporter of change because it is proven that there are things that don't work, you have to try new ones and there will be time to change if necessary. Be on important events and this is one of them."

Spain will participate in the final phase of the new Davis, which can be classified by Chile, if it beats Austria's Dominic Thiem in Salzburg.


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