Radio Havana Cuba | They found an antidote against super in medicinal soil


They found an antidote against super in medicinal soil

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Dublin, December 29 (RHC) A strain of bacteria found on land in Ireland with healing properties proved effective against four of the six main antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

Called Streptomyces sp. Myrophorea, a new line was discovered by an international team of scientists in the alkaline grassland area of ​​Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, known as the Boho Highlands.

During exploration, Streptomyces inhibited the growth of four of the six major multiresistant pathogens identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as causes of infections associated with medical care.

Among them, Enterococcus faecium and Staphylococcus aureus, are resistant to vancomycin and Acinetobacter baumanii, to carbenepenem, experts say.

Also, they added, deactivating gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, which differ in the structure of their cell walls; In general, gram negative bacteria are more resistant to antibiotics.

According to Paul Dyson, one of the authors, this discovery is an important step forward in the fight against immunity to drugs to fight infection.

Our results show that it is better to investigate folklore and traditional medicines in finding new antibodies, added academics from the Swansea University School of Medicine. (Source: PL)

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