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Pokémon GO: The best trick to catch the best Cresselia and pokémon for him video | JoseduGames | Niantic | fourth generation | photo | video | Video game


Cresselia it is officially a substitute Giratina for level 5 attacks on Pokémon GO. But if you want to make this Pokemon you will have to go through certain difficulties. Fortunately, we have brought you list long creatures that are suitable for such tasks too the trick on YouTube so you can catch it as soon as possible.

Pokémon GO welcomes you Cresselia, New legendary creatures from fourth generation. This is single Pokémon will replace Giratina at attack level 5 and will be in the Niantic application until December 18. In the following paragraph, you will have a list of the best creatures to fight against and you will see a video from YouTube which shows the trick to catch it the first time.

Like you know, Cresselia, Being a weak psychic type when facing bicho, ghost and scary type Pokémon, but no creature can deal with it, because you will need special abilities to produce enough damage and at the end of the meeting get more honor balls for damage.

Among the best Pokémon to fight Cresselia in raids are Gengar, Mewtwo, Tiranytar, Pinsir, Houndoom, Weavile, Honchkrow, Scizor and Bannete. These creatures must be on your team to fight legendary psychic types, but they must have the following movements:

Gengar: Lengüetazo is the best choice as a fast attack, because it produces more energy per second than Garra Umbria and you can use more times the Sombra Ball, the best charged attack from this Pokémon against psychic types.


Mewtwo: Psicocorte, although it produces less dps than Confusion, is the best choice, because more energy per second, which will allow the trainer to use more Shadow Ball.


Tyranitar: This type of creepy creature and stone is always a good choice against psychic pokemon. Bite is the best fast attack, because it has the highest damage per second and produces more energy per second too, in the event that an attack is loaded, this time, Destroying is the best choice to fight Cresselia.


This is an ideal creature to fight Cresselia, but if you don't have it here there are other people who can serve you in battle.

Houndoom: Alarido as a fast attack will cause a lot of damage and will load Pokémon's energy very quickly, while for charged strikes it will become effective Crush and Dirty Judge.

Scizor: Corte fury will be a good choice as a fast attack and you must combine it with the Tijera X attack.

Pinsir: Sting will help you in battle if you combine it with Scissors X

Weavile: if you have Sneasel and it still doesn't evolve, you lose a good Pokemon to fight Cresselia, then Attack Finta and Foul Play will help you produce a lot of damage.

Honchkrow: Murkrow's evolution will be important for fighting against Cresselia, especially if you have the Alarido and Pulso Umbrío movements.

Once you lose Cresselia with pokémon we mentioned above you will have an added bonus, which is capturing legendary creatures, but don't be afraid, with this the trick You can catch it first in four simple steps.

  • Close the red circle
  • Wait for him to attack
  • Move the Poke ball in a circle when attacking
  • Throw a Poke ball

Closing the red circle will increase the catch rate of the Pokémon, the shot will be very good, with this you will not spend more respect balls and you will be able to register it without problems. Watch YouTube videos made by streamer JoseduGames where he caught the first one Cresselia.

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