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PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox can be back compatible with the developer

Marc-Andre Jutras believes that the new console will have support for all current games.

Backward compatibility has become an important problem in the current generation of consoles, and although Sony hasn't paid too much attention to that feature, Microsoft has been very successful with the program that allows running the choice of Xbox 360 and Xbox titles on the current Xbox One.

Because this is in the past there has been talk about including backward compatibility in the next generation consoles, and now we have developers who have given more power to that possibility.

This is Marc-Andre Jutras who works in companies like Activision and Ubisoft and who is currently in Cradle Games created a title called Hellpoint, and in an interview with GamingBolt (via ComicBook) talks about the possibility of including backward compatibility in new systems.

Jutras said that he believed that backward compatibility would be the main function on the PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox, noting that consoles might be able to run the entire game catalog from the start and the titles should not be approved one by one because it was happening with the Xbox One.

The PlayStation that I thought would be compatible again. Does the Xbox 360 have a retro-compatible list with Xbox Original? Do they have to approve title after title? I think it's strange, and I hope it's not. They prefer to have an emulator that runs all games, maybe with some bugs and annoyances, rather than having 50 games in my library and can only play four of them because the others haven't been approved.

I don't like Switch is not backward compatible, but when they launch the Wii U, I have all Wii games. That's definitely the way to do it.

Because let's say you are launching a new console, your user base at that time is zero, and the number of games you have for that console is also zero. So, you need a developer to make games, and you need people who buy consoles. So this is the problem of chicken and eggs. Will developers jump into the car and make games that make people buy consoles, or will people buy consoles, which will cause developers to want to make more games?

What I want from the PlayStation 5 is, Sony makes some extraordinary exclusives, I mean, I bought my PS4 because Bloodborne is on the console. And I think Microsoft has failed in that area, but if you see how many developers Microsoft bought last year, I think they finally found that they need to be exclusive if they want to sell consoles, and they have to be good. By the way, I hope the next generation of consoles has tremendous exclusivity, and that Sony and Microsoft realize that if they launch consoles that can play all old games, they will be more likely to have a user base added to them since They can play the game catalog they are very big. If I have 100 games on the Xbox 360 and 100 games on the Xbox One, and out of the new Xbox that can play all my games, I might buy a new Xbox on another console.

In short, this is certainly a feature that is widely expected in new consoles which according to reports can be announced in 2019.

For you, how important is compatibility back to the next generation console?

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