Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that combines Band Hero and Wii peripherals is real, but not impossible


Both Joy Con and Gamecube controller or Pro Controller: for the VINCE My Mate Ultimate settings to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is with a Band Hero battery and guitar, as well as a laser, maraca and Wii fishing sword with each control with a motion sensor. At the same time and to move the same character.

Not long ago our partner Alex made a great compilation of the most absurd controls in the most unexpected games. Today, the VINCE channel has gained a respectable place in its text answering questions that no one asks: what is the craziest way to play Super Smash Brooch.

Your answer with lots of peripherals, three Wiimotes and six hands.

According to Vince, it is possible to simplify control by using fewer accessories, but the idea is that all their children will participate in the experiment in one way or another. And even though this system is not effective or efficient, This looks really fun.

The programmed controls are:

  • With battery Long shifts, struggles and normal and special punches are controlled.
  • With guitar a smash attack is executed, so that the lever activates the bass and shakes the pole done left or right. In addition, it is possible to bend.
  • With laser sword the wrestler's movements are controlled
  • With maracas character jump made.
  • Finally, in a nunchuck fishing rod This serves to move the character's direction and activate the shield.

We must add the original adapter chain assembly and not less function when programming each peripheral correctly.


The rest is know how to coordinate, and therein lies the real difficulty. Grabbing an object is a small wandering and returning to the stage after being projected out is still smoother. At least, at the first attempt, but with enough reflexes it is possible to reach the phase of Sudden Death … and even win.

The VINCE channel hasn't opened too many fighters Super Smash Ultimate Brooch, but has fully amended the game, providing a solution to play with commands such as Dreamcast.

Or, better yet, use the legendary SatGA SEGA controls on the Switch. One of the most elegant SEGA controls.

Will the smart experiment from VINCE and his family end with the Nintendo Switch? We dare to doubt it. In fact, we are looking forward to seeing what beyond its own blade.


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