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Pinilla found fault as a teacher before a new club

The soccer player, who after leaving the Bull covered, but is unemployed, will be the protagonist of the new audiovisual content web platform called "Yooy", where he will post videos that provide football lessons. The launch will take place on January 2.

We are clear that this is not the best term this year for Mauricio Pinilla, except economically. After his polemic left the University of Chile mid-year, with Blue Blue's request included, the striker had not touched the ball in court for months and for his peak to be unemployed.

Apart from all the telescopes, the attacker always manages to spread the pot and fill the void in his pocket, because despite having an uncertain future in 2019, the former World Cup star will be the protagonist of the new project: "Yooy", a new digital platform for content audiovisual, where different personalities will have their own parts.

Exactly, Pinilla will have space to teach what she likes the most. The goalscorer will determine the football clinic, showing the various strategies used in this exercise. And he has a lot of experience, remembering that at the age of 34 he was wearing 13 clothes, mostly in Italy.

With Jhen. Although no further details about his role are known, the player himself told his Instagram account that "I am very happy and motivated because soon the project I worked on some time ago will be revealed and clearly has to do with the most beautiful sport in the world".

The platform, which will be launched on January 2, will have several sections and themes. For example, Dani Palavecino will launch a web series, called "100 days without him", while Dr. Ricardo Soto will teach "conscious treatment" and Jhendelyn Núñez will have a space dedicated to the world of fitness.

Daniel Santana, the Social Media Manager of this initiative, proposed several new things from this project. "This will be a website for people to enjoy, consume, entertain and learn. Our users will be able to choose packages to access content, very similar to how Netflix works. Costs will be known on January 2," he concluded.

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