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Paty Maldonado launches himself against Camila Vallejo and Karol Cariola: he treats them with "pinganillas" | TV and Events

Patricia Maldonado added another controversy to her career, because she now advocates harsh words against deputies Camila Vallejo and Karol Cariola, after passing Copihue de Oro with Mapuche flags and shirts by Gladys Marín and Pedro Lemebel.

Remember that a few days ago, in the delivery of the Copihue award, the deputies wore different views than what we normally see on behalf of celebrities. Images of deceased leaders and writers who died in 2015 in their clothes did not escape attention. So at least it was proven, after the panelists Many flavors talk about this participation.

It was in his radio program with Raquel Argando, that Patricia Maldonado issued heavy artillery and entered into a battle against the deputy of the Communist Party.

"Do you know who and that one appears with the shirt Gladys Marin? Karol Cariola and Camila Vallejo. Questions from millions are as follows: They are two deputies, who cannot stand the show that they find that the whole world is the worst there , because they are deputies and they are smart, they are at another level, we are everything … What are they doing there? This is a question I ask myself and they go through the red carpet! ", left commenting on the singer.

Maldonado alleges that there are many & # 39; double standards & # 39; in his participation, and that time on the red carpet is really & # 39; embarrassing & # 39; But that's not all, because he uses it to refer to the image that Gladys occupied.

"I'm sorry for Gladys Marin, because it's real, it's not a lie. Gladys Marín is not a floating floor, all these pinganillas are floating floors, nothing more. They are good perfumes, iPhones, expensive creams, hairdressers from the neighborhood, because they will not go to La Pintana to paint. They go to summer to Cachagua or they go to Miami at first. For Cartagena, let's say Raquel is crazy! Cartagena is broken! They will not go away, " are angry arrows from panelists.

The last sentence with which he punished his words was that "People must begin to understand that they sell us cuchufleta … Not me, cuchufleta hasn't sold it to me for a long time."

Do you agree with the words?

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