Pangal Andrade's words after rescuing the deceased Kayaker on the Maipo River


A dramatic moment is that which lives during the weekend Pangal Andrade, then a Young kayaks will be trapped on the Maipo river.

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Staff of firefighters and police came to the place to save him, but his efforts were not enough. This is why The witness called the former reality boy, who knew the sector perfectly and was one of the best in the discipline.

Thanks to their help, they were finally able to save a lifeless body César Rubio, 26 years old, who had hit a giant tube under the river, when turning.

Daily LThe four call him "Heroes", something that Pangal will not have. That is why he spoke with La Mañana to clarify the information. "I am not a hero. This is a team effort together with firefighters and carabineros. ", starts.

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But this doesn't stop there accused the Alto Maipo company of polluting the river with elements such as cables. cable, stick, among others.

For at least two years, various rafting companies accused the athlete of hitting the tube. This is why Andrade emphasizes a little supervision in this sector.


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