Pamela Diaz ponders Cathy Barriga: "Will you lose a stick for the bridge?"


Pamela Díaz is known as one of the women who doesn't keep anything. For years on national television, he has built his own character and, it seems, always has something to say.

And on this occasion it's no different.

In an interview with El Mercurio's "Sábado" magazine, "La Fiera" underwent a questionnaire in which he reviewed several important moments in his life, including his time on the "La Granja VIP" reality show, where, after five days being expelled by the public.

However, five days were enough for him to hold a meeting with Cathy Barriga, the current mayor of Maipa and who also participated in the program.

However, Barriga is one of the most loved of the participants because it represents the opposite of Diaz's personality.

In this context, the interviewer asked "La Fiera" about how he would evaluate Barriga in his job as mayor, where he replied that "well, I think he did it well".

But because Diaz doesn't sew without threads, he adds "he's weird".

"In what sense?" Asked the reporter.

"I don't know, it feels special. It has a stuffed animal on the city council. To do" challenge "when people have died asking that question. There are things you ask yourself: will you lose a stick for the bridge? Will the dwarves leave the forest? "Pamela Díaz said.

Even before that reflection, "la Fiera" wanted to explain that he was highlighting his work as mayor. "At least that's good for him," he concluded in his answer.


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