Open Beta Realm Royale comes tomorrow to PS4 and Xbox One


Realm Royale, proposal from Hai Rez Studios in the genre of battle royals, starting tomorrow with open beta on PS4 and Xbox One. Ideal for seeing directly how your proposal works.

The game, which came to Steam with initial access in the summer of 2018 to land on the console as soon as it was in closed beta form, is a royale battle set in the universe of Paladins.

Realm RoyaleTherefore, obey the basic rules of every good BR that offer: a safe area that decreases during the game, the need to collect weapons and other objects, a team of four most players, a map where 100 players gather and win the position last, etc.

One of the interesting things he has is, to be exact, all the backgrounds he carries Paladin: characters, weapons, special abilities, and more. Hi Rez committed to adding new content to the game throughout the year, we will see if it manages to make a gap between Fortnite (which visually has a lot in common) and PUBG, the two heavy classes of this genre.


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