Now you can pay Netflix on your WOM ticket


Finally another operator boarded this car.

From now on there are two types of cellular operators in Chile, which are with Netflix and those that are not.

The second group consists of Movistar and Claro, who have their own services and believe that they can compete with the California giants.

Others are Entel and now Wom, which in a statement told us that their customers could pay Netflix with their ballots at the end of the month.

This service is very useful for two types of people, those who want to order their account and / or those who do not have a credit card to access services.

Goodbye to share your Netflix account? The company ensures that this can prevent you from disclosing your password

From Wom they stated that by signing them, you will have a free service month and this is their price:

  • Netflix CLP Basic Package $ 4,590 Including VAT
  • Netflix CLP Standard Plan $ 5,990 Including VAT
  • CLP Netflix Premium Package $ 7,390 Including VAT

You can find out more in this link, but from now on we tell you that there are some conditions that must be met and that are not small: You have to spend more than 6 months in the company. You have to be a client with a free or controlled multimedia package, but pay at least CLP $ 9990, so if you pay less, you're lucky.

What do you think about this initiative from Wom? Entel already has it, but the items are copied, they said.


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