Saturday , October 23 2021

#NoLoDejes Market: 35 femicides and 104 femics are frustrated


Within the framework international day against violence against women, Minister of Women's Equality and Gender, Isabel Plá, promoting the campaign #NoLoDejesPasar, which seeks to produce "tolerance 0" of actions that violate and do not have a woman's dignity.

According to Ministry data, they have been registered to date 35 femicides and 104 femicides are frustrated during 2018 in the entire national territory, the figure shows a small decline compared to 2017, with 44 femicides and 115 frustrations. But according to the same data, women on average need 7 years to report that they are victims of family violence.

For eradicate gender violence, wrong behavior and not reported, The Women's Ministry published in his book Twitter commitments that can be downloaded to support the #NoLoDejesPasar slogan.

Document states commitment to "make room for discussion and information needed, adopting the practice and touching the problem with the seriousness they deserve ", it also continues"It is urgent that we all join, that's why in this establishment we will not let it go and we will categorically reject any acts of violence against women"

For its part, the Secretary General of Government, Cecilia Pérez, he joined #NoLoDejes Market and warning to publish a video where he said: "This is not acceptable in our country, both violations and disrespect or harm to women. "

The minister continued to say that for "match the court"Between men and women" we not only carry The bill that will punish violence in pololeo, but also Universal Cradle Space Project and the cessation of discrimination in conjugal society ".

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