Newell negotiations by Gonzalo Espinoza


"He is the player who has asked our coach and we will try to make him come," said Cristian D & # 39; Amico, club vice president Rosario.

University of Chile losing important players in midfield after retirement David Pizarro

The Blues can suffer another defeat in that area, namely Gonzalo Espinoza, what is meant by Oldell & # 39; s Old Boys. This was acknowledged by the vice president of actor Rosarino, who told Radio Cooperativa that they were negotiating for the "Bulldog".

"He is a player who is under consideration, which made us first interested in his career and also because he knows Argentine football perfectly, so the adaptation process becomes zero in this case. He is the player who has asked our coach (Hector Bidoglio) and we will try to make him play in Newell & # 39; s Old Boys ", Cristian D & # 39; Amico said.

If Espinoza's arrival in leprosy is confirmed, the midfielder will defend his fifth shirt in Argentina. Before he enters Race club, Arsenal de Sarandi, All Boys and Patronato.


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