Nacho Gutiérrez revealed the antecedents which ended with the departure of Fran García-Huidobro from CHV


Francisca García-Huidobro said goodbye to Chilevisi overnight in the foreground, a program that finally finished for 2019.

Remember that the actress signed a contract with Channel 13 and is expected to be a letter that replaces projects previously owned by the angel channel for Diana Bolocco.

To clarify his departure from the channel he spoke with El Mercurio where he said that "the worst moment for me in Chilevisión was what happened to Nacho Gutiérrez, who was discriminated against because of his sexual orientation and leaving early in the morning. At that moment I saw myself as a ham sandwich, between partners and friends, and channel administration ".

Ignacio Gutiérrez analyzed the interview in the morning of Muy Buenos Días where he wanted to add something else. "I have to take this moment. I believe that Maldita Moda, whom she loved so much, was expelled from the air in retaliation for what he did, in a very loyal and direct manner, as it should be: to be a witness, "he said in connection with the cheerleading attitude about Gutiérrez's trial against CHV.

"I was very happy when Francisca was there, because I knew the cost. I thought they were attracting Maldita Moda for that. The executives at that time were not the same as now. I think they brought people out for the same problem," he added.

"I thought it was a very wrong decision, with retaliation, because it was clear justice and the executives were now in their homes, they no longer worked on TV, because it was not good," he said.



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