Tuesday , November 19 2019
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Morgana and Kayle will accept important changes

Riot Games has big plans for 2019. We have already told you that they are working on developing new characters for League of Legends that will go to top street and who will have entirely new skills.

However, despite working on a new champion, You can't forget those who are already in the Summoner's Crevice. Many of them are very outdated and their mechanics are not in accordance with the current game.

We have seen that Gallio, Aatrox, Irelia or Akali have left very good unemployment from reworking them. They changed from being completely forgotten in metagame to being one of the most played champions.

This is what Riot wants to happen with Morgana and Kayle. For this reason, everything points to the following characters that go through the transformation process.

According to information leaked on Reddit, Morgana will experience major changes at W. His new abilities will have operations similar to Cassiopeia limiting enemy movements.

On the other hand, Kayle will see how the final changes are completely. Mechanics will be very similar to Atrox, even though they will evolve as you level up.

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