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Microsoft redesigned the Office icon with a clean, new, modern and attractive language design

Icons from Microsoft Office They received the last facelift in 2013. Now, after the arrival of Windows 10 and its new design language, known as Fluent Design, the company has decided to change the iconic package from the famous application that forms an office suite.

With this change, and according to Microsoft itself, it was sought for Office to reflect its new collaborative and multiplatform character, with what it wanted to create identity stamp outside Windows and it is recognized on Mac, iOS and Android.

Office is no longer just Windows

Adopting a fashionable "flat design", the Microsoft design team was created each icon will be highlighted in two layers: one for letters, which is the identity of the application beside the color; and another for funds, which emphasizes in a simple way what the tasks of this application consist of. The only exception is the OneDrive case, which maintains cloud forms, and Skype, where & # 39; the famous one captures all the attention.

Jon Friedman, design director at Microsoft, explained that this makes it possible "to maintain familiarity and at the same time emphasize simplicity when we are in the application." What's interesting is that even though there are changes, which are fresh winds, the icon is considered familiar and easy to spot.

As curiosity, & # 39; Jaws & # 39; Novet the spotlight the fact that Microsoft kills letters & # 39; L & # 39; in a previous change in 2013 for the Excel icon, which functions as a complement to & # 39; X & # 39; and help with pronunciation (in English) & # 39; XL & # 39; = & # 39; Excel & # 39 ;. Because in this new change it seems & # 39; L & # 39; will never return.

It should be noted that this redesign only contemplates the suite icons and not the interface, at least for now, so Office 2019 will not experience changes outside the icon, whose changes will begin to appear in the coming days on all platforms where Office is available.

The change, according to Microsoft, "looks for human designs that emphasize context and reflect the speed of modern life."

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