Metro announces that the solution to vibration on Line 3 will take between 6 to 10 months


Santiago Metro announces that sounds and vibrations affecting new close neighbors Line 3 can be completed at terms between six and ten more months.

A new extension of underground transportation will be was inaugurated on January 22, which makes people who feel this discomfort fear that they will intensify after being fully implemented.

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Chairman of the Metro board, Louis de GrangeHe assured that "This process is not fast".

"Our previous experience told us about that between six and ten months we can have concrete answers to implement, but the important thing is to move forward together, "de Grange said, Cooperativa said.

Among the affected neighbors, those who live in the area next to the station Fernando Castillo Velasco and Plaza EgaƱa They have organized and participated in talks with the company.

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Gabriela Pantoja has become a representative of this group of people, indicating that they reached an "agreement that the research, first, will be measured at home that we specify and, second, will be done by stopping in February with a solution proposal analysis during March ".


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