Mauricio Isla starts back to "U"


It's been a long time since it's a secret. Does everyone know that Mauricio Isla is a fan of the University of Chile, even though he has been trained at UC. For the same reason, every time he traveled to the country, he was asked if one day he would come to wear his chuncha shirt, something that would expect more than one bullanguero.

On this occasion, when he traveled from Turkey with his family to spend the New Year in Chile, Huaso himself admitted that only a few months ago he had almost reached his love, even though he preferred to land and run the date of that year. miss signatures

"I have several offers. June is another thing that happened to me, I have talked to the coach in Turkey to find a way out. Then I got an offer & # 39; U & # 39; I always said that I want to go back to the team that I love, but I don't know if it's the situation to return, I'm still young. I'm preparing to go back the best way, I won't come to die too, but I also got offers from Mexico and Spain, but talked with the president and Director Fenerbahce gave me the confidence to continue and that I must be a starter, "Isla said on the CDF.

It was mid-year, when the Blues had the option to enter reinforcements (Gonzalo Espinoza and Ángelo Henríquez arrived) when the name Isla rondo by Centro Deportivo Azul. Despite direct communication, the idea of ​​continuing to find the position of holders in Europe won, in addition the amount handled in Blue Blue was far from what Alexis's friends requested.

But be careful, that is not the only thing "Huaso" talked about when he arrived in the country. Because currently football in Turkey is not good, with Fenerbahce in second place with only 16 points, which made him worry, but did not intend to leave the boat.

"It's a bitter holiday, because we haven't done things well, there are many accusations because there are teams with experienced players who have played for important teams, but we didn't win two matches straight away. It makes us sad and against offspring, "Isla said.

The subject he can't avoid is Alexis, who with him plays for Udinese, besides The Red. "He is sad, but I know he will reverse the situation. He is someone who wants to succeed at Manchester United. For something he went there. Because something is the highest paid player and it will be proven this year," Isla said, adding that in Red "we must repeat the happiness that we give to people."


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