Mauricio Isla and Gala Caldirola will spend the New Year in Chile: they will be a "bitter holiday" for him | News


Wednesday 26 this is Mauricio Isla and Gala Caldirola arriving in Chile with their daughter Luz Elif to spend a family vacation, including the New Year.

Unfortunately the player honestly said that this break would be a "bitter holiday" because of the bad times that happened to his team in Turkey, Fenerbahce, because they were the penultimate in the tournament and remained in the relegation zone.

"It's a bitter holiday because we haven't done the right thingThere are many accusations because there are teams with experienced players who have played in important teams, but we have not won two consecutive matches. "It makes us sad and against offspring," he said, according to the LUN.

After his arrival in the country, he also talked about his friend Alexis Sánchez, who also did not have a very positive end of year, because of his love with Mayte Rodríguez compounded by the injury that made him without playing for Manchester United.

"He was sad but I knew he would reverse the situation. It is someone who wants to succeed at Manchester United, something goes there, because something is the highest paid player and it will show this coming year"He assured.

Regarding when he could return to Chile, he said that for now he would continue to play in Turkey but one day he intends to join the University of Chile.


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