Maura Rivera's counterattack after controversial dismissal of Paulina López


A few weeks ago, a musical member of "Red Heart" openly fired Paulina Lopez. The protagonist Maura Rivera, Daniela Castillo, María Isabel Sobarzo, Carolina Soto, and Leticia Zamorano believe it is because of the irresponsibility of the dancer.

However, the former Rojo Fama / Contrafama member went to the foreground to give his version. According to him, he only left twice and even apologized.

In fact, he said that his dismissal was due to lower costs and that his departure resulted in more profits for his former colleagues.

When interviewed, Francisca García-Huidobro asked him: "He told me a little bird Maura Rivera wrote to you and said & # 39; You got what you wanted, everyone made me a bag & # 39 ;, which Paulina replied , "I have received WhatApps from several"

In this regard, Julio César Rodríguez asked, "But de Maura too?" And Lopez said "De Maura, de la Dani". "But did he tell you what Fran said?" Julius Caesar continued to urge. "De la Maura and Dani have received more WhatsApp directly. And with Caro we talked, he called me on the phone"


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