Marcelo Lagos refers to the earthquake registered at Coquimbo


Strong earthquake 6.7 degrees It happened this Saturday night in the country's central zone.

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In conversations with Teletrece, Marcelo Lagos, the Catholic University geographer assured that what happened was in accordance with a The earthquake that occurred at the northern limit of the earthquake broke out on September 16, 2015 and that the zone contains energy that was not released on that occasion.

Lake not rule out the occurrence of aftershocks after the earthquake and that this movement confirms that the area has the potential to produce seismic activity and that Maybe "connected" with the earthquake that occurred in 2015.

Consider summer, UC seismologist he calls for calm, indicates that this earthquake reminded us of that Chile is one of the most seismic countries in the world and that is why it functions to make a population Beware of guards in the event of a high intensity earthquake.

See the video below:


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