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Marcela Vacarezza's sincere advice to her daughter regarding Diana Bolocco's son

This Wednesday, Marcela Vacarezza he is a guest in the morning A lot of taste Mega, where she talks about several topics, including television and Christmas careers. However, one of the problems that caught his attention was the relationship of his daughter Florencia (15) with Pedro (18), Diana Bolocco's oldest son.

When he comments, their romance will be stronger, and they will even make formal presentations in their homes. "They are very cute. I told them they were like films. And this child is 7, that's really 7. He is responsible, athlete, he will take it down, "he said of a couple who had been together for nine months.

The only problem was that the young man would start his studies outside Chile, which could cause some decline in his courtship. "He will study abroad, he is 18 years old and Florencia is 15 years old. He is involved in football and that is why he can go outside, but this is a year from now, because he is in the middle … They get along really well , "he said. .

In addition, the presenter explained as parents, they had left clear rules. "How will I let them sleep together?" Yes, we all know about "small scarves." But to go down from time to time, to see what happened, "he said.

Finally, Marcela Vacarezza talked about the future of the relationship and announced the important advice she gave Florencia. "The only thing I say to him is & # 39; see, they will end, they will fight. & # 39; But, please, that both of them behave well. That's not because you messed up someone else, or him. Be sincere, loyal& # 39; But they are goats. Anything can happen. As long as they are happy, and they are the type that empowers them, that's important, "he said.

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