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List of the 10 most watched Twitch channels in 2018

Years ago Twitch is among us, offering players and creators different ways to share their experiences, to show their expertise and to interact with the entire community that revolves around them. However, 2018 is the year where the platform shines the most.

There are factors that have helped this year to be the most profitable for the platform and undoubtedly one of them has its own name, none other than Fortnite, the most played game of the year, followed by League of Legends that cannot be burned on the spot third. (The second place is occupied by broadcast users who only talk to the camera).

But of course those who send here are streamers who move hundreds of thousands of users every day and have managed to get this year Twitch is practically doubling the number of hours playing on the platform due to what was achieved in 2017, being one of the main guilty ninjas.

The most watched Twitch channel in 2018 Via The Esports Observer

In the list we can see that Ninja has collected 226.85 million reproduced hours. An amazing achievement if we take into account that last year streamer didn't appear in the list of the 10 most watched channels. Actually last year the leader was Summit1g with 72.45 million hours under his belt. The difference is incredible and shows the perfect platform growth.

Source: Observer Esports

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