Likewise the young man will be hit by actress Javiera Díaz de Valdés


Actress Javiera Díaz de Valdés was in the midst of a conflict that was far from over after she starred in an accident with a motorcycle rider on Peñalolen Avenue in May 2018.

At present there is no economic agreement reached to compensate for the damage caused by the young woman, and For this, the supposed depression condition of the affected child is added.

This will be guaranteed by a couple of people who, through the La Red Intruder program, say that recovery has taken several months, and can continue to spread.

Javiera Díaz De Valdés Instagram

"He's psychologically bad, he's in bed today, prostrating with depression," said Norma Millán, a wounded pair of drivers.

Family lawyer, Ana Maria Villaseñor, also added the following:

"He (Felipe) prostrated at this time, It has six pins in the hip, can not work and there is a medical certificate stating that there must be three more operations"

On the other hand, Javiera Díaz de Valdés did not want to refer to the subject after the last trial was held on January 3.

Keep in mind that the actress was formalized for losing very serious murders and serious injuries.

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