LG patented a strange but cool scrolling cell that could change everything


It also has a 3D camera.

When we think that 2018 will not surprise us, this new LG patent shows us mobile devices that can roll.

It came out recently and our friends at LetsGoDigital found it:


This, without a doubt, is strange but great, with a body that appears in the shape of a rod and from which we can remove the screen according to current needs, giving a high factor of portability and comfort.

As if that wasn't enough, and although it doesn't appear in the illustration, it will come with a stylus on the left side, on a body part with an "external" screen, and a camera capable of capturing 3D images, so we can't rule out that the panel has the ability to reproduce them.

We can appreciate that you can run up to 3 applications simultaneously on a screen that is a maximum of 7 inches.

No doubt the approach is different from that which shows Samsung in this flexible screen new career and will see light in the third quarter of 2019, although nothing has been confirmed.


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