LG joined an antitrust lawsuit against Qualcomm


Lately Qualcomm it becomes more protagonist for its demands than for the mobile processor. And this time it's not an exception either.

Two years ago Korea Fair Trade Commission (Korea Fair Trade Commission, KFTC) imposed on the manufacturer chipset amounting to USD $ 915 million. The decision was due to misuse of a patent by Qualcomm.

As expected, the affected person rejects sanctions and this is how the claims are submitted in multiple and combined ways. It was arranged by Apple, Huawei, Intel, MediaTek and Samsung.

However, it will be time South Korean companies were recently mentioned and Snapdragon processor makers agreed to provide a joint license earlier this year, the reason why Samsung left its position as a member of the request.

Many interpret this as a heavy blow to the KFTC case. Looks harder to fight with Qualcomm. But other people appear on the scene.

This is no more and no less than LGCompatriot. The reason for their disruption seems to be because of that negotiations between this one and American processor manufacturers are not going well.

However, don't expect a quick solution to this. Qualcomm and the KFTC have met 11 times for hearings and interrogations in the past fourteen months. Some believe that the final resolution can take years. We will see how the story continues, one of the many legal litigations signed by the US SoC.

Source: Telephone Arena


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