Qualcomm Widely known throughout the world for being the producer of some of the most famous chips in the smartphone industry. With the processor, which is used most by most companies in this sector, US companies have carved a name on the market. However, it seems that in the legal section it is not very comfortable, because in recent years has been repeatedly sued for monopoly and patent issues.

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On this occasion, legal cases related to disputes began in 2016, when Fair Trade Commission from South Korea (KFTC) imposes a fine 915 million dollars to Qualcomm because it has a dominant dominant position in the market. Because of this, US companies formally reject fines, and file administrative complaints in response.

At that moment Samsung, Apple, Intel, MediaTek and Huawei They joined in a class action lawsuit against a monopoly established by Qualcomm. However, for months Qualcomm managed to reach a patent agreement with Samsung, so that it was reached South Koreans get out of legal cars. Now, however, it was decided to add LG, who will try to promote class action with his arrival.

via: PhoneArena