Leonardo Véliz destroys Colo Colo's first reinforcement: "This is not enough for the team" | Soccer


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Mario Salas's Colo Colo will get its first reinforcement. Juan Carlos Gaete, which stood out in the Cobresal campaign which finally rose to Division One, was the details of Albos's first merger.

As reported BioBioSports, the striker has an agreement with Blanco y Negro so, starting in 2019, he can maintain the Colo Colo jersey. If nothing extraordinary happens in your medical exam, players will be official in the next few hours.

However, the signing finally didn't please all Cacique fans. And one added to the question, is the former leader of Albos, Leonardo Véliz.

Si & # 39; Chicken & # 39; stressed that "that is not enough for Colo Colo, because it needs to be strengthened comfortably. When we talk about comfort we need players with a higher pedigree, a bigger curriculum ".

The former Cacique leader added that "he is a strong player who can give. Now, we have to wait. The same characteristics are presented Bolado, Véjar, Martín Rodríguez but, as they say in soccer jargon, they suck. "

Véliz, however, stressed that Colo Colo contracts ahead, according to him, is the team's big deficit during 2018. "Paredes did not go as he should, because he also suffered from the severity of age; Morales who played with eight more pounds and stopped counting, no more; and Barrios who did not work at all," said the former player

In this case, Véliz added that "we need a striker, because we have defense. Forwards are expensive players, they are players who become extinct, but the future is extraordinary, unstable ".


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