Lara Croft faces The Nightmare, the third content that can be downloaded from Shadow of the Tomb Raider


Shadow of the Tomb Raider extends on the PC and the console continues its post-launch content road map, which means the arrival of a new tomb of challenges and all kinds of dangers that are unprecedented. However, inside Nightmare He must face his biggest enemy: herself

To acquire skills White breath, Lara had to go through a path of fear. One that will take us to the oneiric version of Croft Mansion and play where their own demons rest.

All challenges are rewarded, of course: ability White breath creating clouds of hallucinogenic smoke that drive enemies to face each other. But before selling bear skin, we must hunt it. And this promises to be very difficult to regulate.

In addition, nightmares add new personalization options: Q Scales clothes They provide twice the resistance to melee attacks, while The Claw Ax of Fear presents a main design optimized for climbing and fighting.

This may not be an elegant set, but of course this is a sea of ​​effectiveness, because we will have more options to shoot down enemies who will also stay on the ground longer.


Finally, along with the grave of the challenge of The Howling of the Monkey Gods, the Shadow of the Tomb raider now allows you to play in challenge mode and score against time, the following tomb from the main campaign:

  • Judge's appearance
  • Underworld portal
  • Giant cave
  • Road to battle
  • Temple of the Sun.

DLC Nightmare from Shadow of the Tomb Raider Now available and available in all editions including the Season Pass. In addition, it can be purchased separately (for 4.99 euros) or by buying your own pass card for 29.99 euros on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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