La Calera announced the first four reinforcements


The team led by Francisco Meneghini will play the Copa Sudamericana, will face Chapecoense.

La Calera Union will be one of four national representatives in Indonesia South American Cup. The players "Cementero" will make their debut in international competitions.

However, luck does not accompany those who are led by Francisco Meneghini in the lottery and match it with Chapecense from Brazil. The first leg will be played in Chile on February 5 (20:30) and back on the 19th of the same month at Chapeco (9:30 p.m.).

For this, La Calera is trying to get his team armed as soon as possible and announce his first four reinforcements. Fabian Manzano, Juan Leiva, Sebastián Zúñiga and Claudio Meneses. In addition, the club made an official renovation Thomas Rodríguez and Matthias Navarrete


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