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Kaká: "One of my problems at Real Madrid is Mourinho, I spent 3 years trying to convince him" | Soccer

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Kevork Djansezian I Agence France Presse

Kaká Brazil, the exjugador of Real Madrid, has always been marked throughout his career to be a calm soccer player, and has not added to the great controversy of his career.

However, retired players gave interviews to & # 39; Sport TV & # 39; where he reviews his steps with the white player and his relationship with José Mourinho.

"My problem in Madrid is continuity. First for physical problems and then for coach choices. I spent three years trying to convince Mourinho that he could give me a chance. But that was his choice, it was beyond my reach. What I did was become a very good professional. And today I have the incredible joy of getting to Madrid and opening the door. Florentino said that I was one of the most professional players who came, "he said.

In addition, Kaká assured about his relationship with & # 39; that "there was no problem between us. I was in Manchester for advertising and I stayed at the hotel where Mourinho lived and we talked for two hours. At some point we experienced a misunderstanding on the stage in Madrid because I believed that I had to play and he believe I don't play. But they are respectful disagreements. I never rebelled and I said & # 39; I will leave here & # 39; I also did not go to the press to complain. "

"Mourinho is really like what you see on camera. In his explosive moments, but he is a very intelligent person. What everyone saw at the press conference was all prepared and planned and knew exactly what they were going to say. The problem I have with him is because of his choice. I thought he was wrong. But the team worked. We won the League and we reached the Champions League semifinals, "he added.

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