Thursday , October 21 2021

Juan Pablo Queraltó and Francisca Sfeir revealed that they finished only 24 hours | Society


Juan Pablo Queraltó and Francisca Sfeir is a guest at the end Follow me good, led by Julio César Rodríguez, where they talk about their lives as parents and fill in details about their relationship.

In that sentence, the singer admitted that he knew that Queraltó was the love of his life "one day I lost it", when they ended their relationship for only 24 hours.

"Unfortunately, I have to lose it to realize that I like it very much and the man is for me, "he added.

After the revelation, Queraltó explained that "it was an existential problem from both, I was in a new stage and had a lot of confusion in my head. He was very stressed and felt that he did not give him the love he needed", he said when he was interrupted by his wife.

However, the 24 hour term "is heavy, because besides that, I did not dare to tell him"said the reporter.

They only lasted a day apart, because they soon realized how much they love, added Juan Pablo: "Because apart, we realize the importance we have for each other".

"And also realize that external must be external … If you want your partner to be the trunk of your life, you must decide"Sfeir concluded.

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