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Juan Gabriel: The alleged chronology of the rise of "Divo de Juárez"

Juan Gabriel died on August 28, 2016 due to a heart attack in California, United States. However, since that date various theories have emerged which show that the singer lived and simulated his death to get rid of the plot against him.

The first thing to say is this Joaquín Muñoz, former manager & # 39; El Divo de Juárez & # 39 ;, who said last November Juan Gabriel He lives and continues to meet him. He even assured that he was responsible for making payments for the current interpreter expenses until now.

Also, comment Joaquín Muñoz which caused more controversy in Mexico and the world when he was encouraged to give the supposed date for the reappearance of Juan Gabriel after simulating his death in 2016.

"He mimics his death. He is not hidden because he is not an attacker or drug dealer. At home and very comfortable. Coming month [diciembre], which happens on the 15th will appear in public, "said the full-color character to the" Intruder "program.

After commenting Muñoz appeared Jorge Carbajal, A Mexican journalist who has carried out several investigations about the death of Juan Gabriel. He also revealed to the media that the singer was still alive and in communication with him.

The meeting that should be between Carbajal and Juan Gabriel That happened after the earthquake that occurred in Mexico in 2017. Journalists took us to a house in Morelos [donde supuestamente estaba escondido Juan Gabriel] a box with food that is not durable and "surprised" when he sees it alive.

"He is less fat and gray. He has a beard, unlike Santa Claus – what they say he has – but a little beard that grows and wears a hat. I was surprised and I gave him a box. He told me, "Thank you, my son. We'll talk later, "said Carbajal in the" Intruder "program.

However, Jorge Carbajal He did not believe that Juan Gabriel would reappear in public, let alone perform. According to him, the same singer told him that he was "tired" of singing.

"I think he is[[[[Juan Gabriel] will come back one day, but I don't think in December or January, let alone to do the show. I suggested that he come back with a concert, but he told me, "I've been singing for 40 years. I am bored with that, what I want is to produce & # 39; ", the reporter added.


Now, after a surprising theory Joaquín Muñoz and Jorge Carbajal, people who are together Juan Gabriel On the day of his death he went to speak for the first time about the subject and his confession disturbed the hypothesis mentioned above.

This is about Isaac Efraín Martínez, Juan Gabriel's friend and suspected Mexican press were the singer's last sentimental partner, who was with El Divo de Juárez & # 39; the exact moment where he died.

"I am sure of it Juan Gabriel He is not alive, but I believe that people want to believe it. It's good to have that illusion, but you have to accept everything as it is, "Martinez said on the" Drop the soup "program.

He also admitted that it was he who told all the workers at home Juan Gabriel about the deaths of hit musical singers such as "Querida" and "Hasta que te conocí".

"I see it, only I know what this is all about[Dead[lamuertede[kematian[lamuertedeJuan Gabriel](…) I warn all workers. We are around six people at home, "he said.

Two years after Juan Gabriel's death, many social media users and their most loyal fans only hope that & # 39; El Divo de Juárez & # 39; can find eternal rest.

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