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"It will be a mistake to leave"

"During this morning we have confirmed that Karen Bejarano, better known as Karen Paola, resigned Very Good Day," Alejandra Valle said yesterday at the Intruders, launching a farandulera bomb that shook TVN's morning foundation.

Why so much? Because the departure of Karen Bejarano was after discussion with Ignacio Gutiérrez at the guideline meeting, and about what happened there was a different version: from those who said that the animator was very hard with him and even made him cry. They also said that the panelists took open and direct criticism for their very heartfelt appearance.

According to what La Cuarta found, the incident happened last Tuesday. At the meeting, Chiqui Aguayo would comment that she did not feel that she was given enough space to do her part. Everything until then was in a serious but friendly tone.

It was there, according to our source, that Karen said that she felt that she did not have enough room to comment, after the constant disruption of Nacho Gutiérrez. After that, he told him that "some changes" were lower than the entire panel, that there was no harmony with the others.

Which version to follow varies. "It all depends on how the words are received, it differs in each word," explained our source, which highlights "that it is a discussion that rarely occurs in the work team, that something like this was never produced in the morning".

But there are also those who insist that "Nacho is quite hard with the criticism he made on Karen and even she finally cried." Others believe that the former Mechano's reaction is to this kind of personal and living problem, with a higher or lower tone, "quite often given in the guidelines, that everyone understands that what is said is a professional field and he takes it himself" .

After what happened, Karen left the WhatsApp program groups and yesterday she did not arrive on the channel to be part of the morning, where now she is a former team learning that she does not want to continue. They tried to communicate with Karen, but without positive results.

The fourth communicates with Karen Bejarano, who avoids referring to this topic. "I'm fine, but no, I'm not going to talk at all, I appreciate caring and opportunity, but I don't feel that way," said the former panelist. His neighbor told him that he was calm, that this could not be tolerated and, therefore, that his decision was correct.

Meanwhile, Ignacio Gutierrez said out of the channel: "I will not talk about fights, it is an argument, I have them in the lead and I will continue to have them. He gives me open criticism, I answer and then we do not keep talking. a mistake to leave things that I don't know what happened to them. "

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